Wednesday, November 14, 2012

India # 33 "MS4 Manglik B'ful Homely P Girl"---Classified Matrimonial Ads


After spending time at the ashram, deserve some lighter fare.  This is one of three.
Let me translate the title of this post this for you.  It is the first line of an ad in the “Grooms Wanted” section of the Hindustan Times:  “Marriage sought for a beautiful,  home-loving professional girl who was born in the inauspicious astrological quadrant, the Manglik.”  It goes on to say she has a degree from a technology college, is 31 years old and her father works for AGM Bank.  Mangliks seek Mangliks because each is astrologically undesireable. 

Thousands of ads like this are spread over the eight page Matrimonials section with a few larger, display ads such as this typical one:  “Well know, affluent, respected and highly educated Marwari industrial family from a posh locality of South Delhi seeks suitable well educated match for their beautiful daughter slightly obese 33, 5’4” MBA and engage in the multi-faceted and flourishing family business.  No bars.” 

With rare exceptions, every girl  (and whatever the age the ads seek “boys” or “girls”) is beautiful and every boy and girl “fair,” which means light skinned, I think, smart and well educated.  Humble or honest people need not apply.  A remarkable number of “boys” refer to being US educated, working in the U. S., has a green card, already living in the states, etc.  A great many women have advanced degrees.  Some boys say “here until the end of November” or “immediate marriage sought.”  Time is running out.

Ads are broken down by location, caste, profession, education and religion.  Sikhs might stipulate they are looking for someone “clean shaven.”  Only three said they are Christian.   If divorce, the marriage was short-lived and “issueless.”  No ads for people with kids.

“No bars” means open regardless of caste, a fairly common stipulation.  A number of ads from “boys” specifically say “No dowry,” which is very good news for potential brides.  Only this week a woman killed her baby and hung herself after the husband’s family kept pressing for a dowry of $200,000 and a Honda.   The husband was arrested for dowry abuse.

Ads frequently include the time and date of birth, notwithstanding that the groom has an advanced degree.

It seems that if you’re seeking a mate in India, as in Lake Wobegon, “All the women are smart, all the men are good looking .and all the children are above average.”




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