Tuesday, December 4, 2012

India # 42 Sunday in Lalbach Park, Bangalore

Late on a Sunday afternoon four weeks ago I took a last look around Bangalore and landed at its second largest park and aboretium.  Here are a few people I met, beginning with a family of six on a single motorbike.

This group was cheering because of my Obama hat.
These old guys (younger than I), above, liked my cap as well and we had a nicer time than their expressions would tell you.  The family above was typical.  It was easy to meet people and sit down to talk.
Everyone wanted their picture taken as long as you showed them the image afterwards.
This family below was more more sober but not the girls.

The kids below were obviously poor and were supposed to be selling balloons but by the time I got there, all they wanted to do was have fun and be silly for my camera.  I love looking at them now.


 In the middle, part of a large glass house and arboreteum left by the British.  At bottom, a tree full of monkeys in fading light.


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