Friday, December 28, 2012

India # 46 Three videos: street life, slum passages, loan meeting


I want to close out this blog by year's end with some last minute thoughts and three videos to convey some small sense of India.  The first, video above,  is a street scene in Jaipur during a big shopping day during the "Festival of Lights," above.  It is 34 seconds long and I swung the camera in a circle. The second, below, follows a loan officer for Accion affiliate Swadhaar through the alleys of New Andori, a slum which has grown into a place with hard walls and walkways.  We were going to the home of a woman who had just taken out her first microloan.

Below is a video taken after a typical monthly meeting of 10 women who are meeting to repay their loan from an Accion affiliate.  I don't do a great job of explaining it all but we get to see the beautiful women in the background.



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